A Must Watch Documentary

“The film takes you on a fascinating journey and by putting the pieces of
the puzzle together, step by step it breaks down the walls of silence.

Göran Gunner,
Associate Professor,
Church of Sweden Research Unit.

“Grandma was not like any old granny.
She was weird. Nobody liked her.
She avoided physical contact.
She never hugged, or wanted to be hugged.
She never kissed, she never smiled.
Her blue tattoos on her face and hands were appalling.
The children were scared of her. What was wrong with grandma?
Why did she have these tattoos?
Who tattooed her?
Why did she speak Kurdish?”

Grandma’s Tattoos: A story about a brutal past, about war, sexual violence and slavery. A journey in search for the truth.


Grandma’s Tattoos unveils the story of the Armenian women driven out of Ottoman Turkey during the First World War.

The documentary was well appreciated worldwide, yet it had its fine percentage of critics usually from Turkish oriented sources…  As usual: A DENIAL OF THE TRUTH.

Suzanne Khardalian is a Lebanese-Armenian film maker, graduated from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Biology and Fletcher School for Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University with an MA in International Relations.

She had the guts to speak about the unspoken and she shared it with the world.

The premier in Lebanon on November 10, 2011 was ‘full room’ and well carved in the minds of the crowd.

The documentary was on Al Jazeera several times early this year and made a big controversy in the press. You can watch it on this link:

You can read an interview with Suzanne Khardalian in Armenian, conducted by Nora Parseghian, an Editor in Aztag Daily Newspaper. The interview is of two parts. Follow the following links:

You can find out more about the documentary and access the gallery through the official website of the documentary:

Thank you Suzzane Khardalian for breaking the silence.


One thought on “GRANDMA’S TATTOOS

  1. Rattling nice style and design and fantastic subject material, very little else we want :D.

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